12 Crucial Controls to Reduce Your Business Risk & Achieve Compliance

Our bite sized videos last 2 to 3 minutes each and give you a quick primer to each of our 12 Crucial Controls.

Watch them all in one go or spread them out.

Control 1

C1 - IT Assets-thumb

Are your IT Assets all securely configured & maintained?

(2m 00s)

Control 2

C2 - Endpoint Protection-thumb

Are your devices managed & secured for today’s evolving threats? (2m 09s)

Control 3

C3 - User Access Controls-thumb

Do you rigorously control all aspects of User Access? (2m 06s)

Control 4

C4 - Security Patches & Updates-thumb

Do you apply timely security updates or patches? (1m 55s)

Control 5

C5 - Web Security-thumb

Do you employ suitable web content filtering & security?

(1m 45s)

Control 6

C6 - Incident Response & Recovery-thumb

As part of incident response, do you reliable have backup & data recovery? (2m 07s)

Control 7

C7 - Email Security-thumb-2

Do you have effective email security in place? (2m 02s)

Control 8

C8 - MFA-thumb

Have you set up Multi-Factor Authentication? (2m 01s)

Control 9

C9 - Next Gen firewall-thumb

Do you employ a next-gen Firewall to screen your network traffic? (1m 45s)

Control 10

C10 - Security Policies-thumb

Do you apply appropriate Data & Information Security Policies?

(2m 42s)

Control 11

C11 - User Education & awareness-thumb

Do you promote an incident reporting culture? (1m 46s)

Control 12

C12 - Information Policies-thumb

Can you easily locate & retrieve sensitive data when required?

(2m 44s)

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